the best hyaluronic acid serum

The best hyaluronic acid serum?!

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Before The Ordinary takeover, how many of you knew what hyaluronic acid was? And how on earth is anything with the term acid attached to it safe to use on your skin?! Well, did you know that hyaluronic acid, otherwise known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate is actually a substance our bodies naturally produce? Modern-day geniuses discovered hyaluronic acid throughout the entire body, particularly the eyes, joints and skin. But how is this gooey slippery substance beneficial? Well, buckle up! Over at Wishcart we not only sell the best cosmetics products in Pakistan but we guide you along your purchase journey.

This remarkable substance has a multitude of benefits, the first one being its assistance in movement. It acts as a natural lubricant and enables our joints to articulate movement without grinding against one another. Hyaluronic acid is known for maintaining water retention, a quarter teaspoon worth of this substance holds up to one and a half gallons of water! Hence it is a key component for all eye drops catered towards dry eyes. But most importantly, it is the perfect anti-ageing remedy, it not only helps skin stretch and flex but also helps prevent wrinkles. Sick and tired of scars and stubborn wound marks? Well, hyaluronic acid is just the right solution for you! We happen to be one of the few sellers who sell authentic products! Buy The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid serum in Pakistan at the best price point.

What is a Hyaluronic acid serum?

The Ordinary made for you the perfect hyaluronic acid serum to answer all your skincare prayers. Youth is everything, and over at The Ordinary they not only understand this notion but crafted for you a serum that helps get rid of dehydrated skin which is said to be an early sign of ageing. Sufficient and proper hydration can make heaps of difference by not only enhancing but also uplifting the look and the feel of your complexion. The Ordinary has created one of the best if not the best Hyaluronic Acid treatments for an immediate hydration boost and easy absorption. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 quickly became one of the brand’s most-loved and viral products. Because it benefits and helps all skin types! With the way it’s disappearing from the shelves in literal seconds, it’s safe to say that people are reaching for it left and right.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum is a water-based formula that has three various weights of Hyaluronic Acid with a Hyaluronic Acid Crosspolymer to give ultimate hydration.

This basically means that while hydration remains the main focus, this serum helps lock in the pre-existing moisture and sinks into the skin effortlessly. As a little cherry on top, this magic product is enriched with Vitamin B5, which operates as a support system for the acid by further boosting.

Is it for all skin types?

This Ordinary serum is perfect for anyone and all skin types due to its lightweight texture. Do you find yourself running 1000 miles per hour away from serums and moisturizers because your skin is oily but flakey at the same time? Well worry not this serum won’t turn your face into a yucky puddle of oil, this serum is perfect for anyone who is looking to renourish their dry, dehydrated and damaged skin. Say goodbye to the triple D nightmare with just a few uses.

But why vitamin B?

“Pantothenic Acid” otherwise known as vitamin B is a natural vitamin that helps increase and boost the surface hydration level of the skin. In a way, it can be considered a natural moisturizer as it not only provides the skin with the necessary dose of moisture but also allows it to easily absorb moisture. Come to think of it, it’s like a partner in crime for Hyaluronic acid. This vitamin allows the acid to seep through the skin and get to the deeper layers, ensuring hydration all in all. This ingredient combo from The Ordinary is truly one of a kind.

And what about allergic reactions?

Not at all like several skincare fixings that are commonly used in products which can cause irritation or breakouts, hyaluronic acid is an ingredient well-tolerated by all skin sorts, From sensitive to acne-prone skin. Its lightweight, non-comedogenic formal makes it a perfect addition to any skincare regime.

On the whole, hyaluronic acid is safe to use all-natural ingredients when it comes to skincare. If applied by the directions, even in higher concentrations, you should be good to go without the worry of any allergic or chemical reactions. Think about it, how can your body react against or reject a substance that it is producing itself? On extremely rare occasions it has been reported that people have reacted to hyaluronic acid. But hey before you freak out and start questioning the reliability of this product just know that at max an allergic reaction caused by hyaluronic acid will cause your skin to go red, itch and maybe swell.

Okay, but how do you use it?

Let's keep it real tho! skincare can be a real maze, but this superhero called hyaluronic acid not only ticks all the basic boxes but also lives up to its name. Does the “how to use hyaluronic acid?” question pound your head?

Well start with a clean slate, wash your face and start with a clean base. most experts and dermatologists would encourage you to use it twice a day, every day, as part day and night time skincare regime. After thoroughly cleansing, and while your skin is still damp, take a couple of drops and press them into your skin with the palms of your hands. Remember to press and not rub, you want it to sink into your skin and these motions will ensure just that. After giving it time to sink in, immediately apply moisturizer or all your oil-based products to seal that hydration in. Keep in mind, that water before oil! If you’re using multiple serums, apply the water-based ones first and then layer them with the oil-based ones. If you switch the steps up, not only will you get no results but you’re also subconsciously wasting product. The Ordinary serum prices in Pakistan seem to vary all around, but over at Wishcart we not only sell the best skin care products in Pakistan but we also have the most reasonable price points.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Serum

Now that we know the benefits of hyaluronic acid serum by heart, the only question remains. Why is it so important to hydrate your skin?

To sum it up, hydrating your skin is necessary when it comes to maintaining its health and appearance. Here’s a list of some key benefits that come with keeping your skin hydrated:

Moisture retention:

Hydrated skin tends to retain more water, which ultimately helps maintain its elasticity and suppleness. This can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Giving your skin a more youthful look

Goodbye skin texture:

Well-hydrated skin tends to have a smoother and softer texture. It helps create a protective shield that prevents the skin from becoming rough or flaky. Let’s be real, the last thing you want is stubborn dry patches not only irritating your skin but also peaking through your makeup and giving you a cakey look.

Shields from dryness and irritation:

Hydrated skin is less prone to dryness, itchiness, and irritation. Dry skin can be more susceptible to various skin conditions such as eczema or

Balanced oil production:

Keeping your skin when properly hydrated can help control oil production. Unlike the common misconception, oily skin too needs hydration. Do you ever find yourself dabbing the extra oil off of your skin? Well to keep your skin sufficiently hydrated your body naturally produces oil. Say goodbye to greasy pores and slippery makeup by taking the right initiative.

Reduced chances of acne:

Proper hydration can do wonders when it comes to acne prevention. Hydrated skin is less likely to be excessively dry, which can trigger the excessive production of oil and, in turn, contribute to acne.

Hydration Vs Moisturization

While they may sound the same, hydration and moisturization are way different from one another. When it comes to hydration, the main focus remains on adding to the water content within the skin by using humectants like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, urea, and beta-glucan. On the other hand, moisturization is centered around providing the skin with both hydration and lipids to safeguard against water loss. Now what exactly are lipids? Well, they are any form of fatty acids that don’t mix with water but are soluble in organic elements. The most commonly used examples of lipids in skin care are triglycerides and ceramides which are collectively known as emollients. Emollients are oil-absorbing molecules that help in retaining water to achieve smoother and softer skin.

The Makers Behind the Hyaluronic Serum

The Ordinary offers a variety of skincare procedures that are always changing and that use proven effective clinical technologies. Its goal is to improve the skincare industry's standards for both pricing and communication integrity. The foundation of the brand is the idea that integrity is best represented in its most basic and unassuming form. Its use of well-known technologies is certainly innovative but what sets it apart is its dedication to morality and honesty above all else. The Ordinary is a brand that was created to stop ordinary products from passing for creative solutions. Clinical formulations with integrity are its defining ethos.

The Ordinary is a part of DECIEM, a group of companies committed to enhancing functional beauty. Through our brand NIOD our team has pioneered innovations in skincare and possesses specialized expertise in materials chemistry and biochemistry. Integrity preservation is a rare trait in the world of functional beauty. A lot of the time ordinary technologies are misrepresented as revolutionary and complex pricing schemes can mask the real worth of goods and present entry-level technologies as state-of-the-art. The Ordinary's core values include open communication and the provision of familiar yet functional technology at reasonable morally responsible costs. Our brand is proud to maintain integrity, push back against stagnation in the industry's innovation and subtly recognize the significant advancements that NIOD has been introducing into the skincare category regularly.

How is it so cheap?!

Recognised for its affordable prices which are frequently noticeably less than those of similar skincare brands with similar formulations is The Ordinary. The Ordinary's capacity to keep these low costs is aided by several factors. First off the brand takes a simple and effective approach to skincare. It is eschewing, superfluous or ineffective ingredients in favour of a condensed list of premium ingredients with a track record of efficacy. The brand is able to manage product expenses without sacrificing effectiveness thanks to this targeted approach.

The Ordinary also maintains a dedication to openness concerning its ingredients and price policy. Every product has a prominent ingredient list with percentages marked along with thorough descriptions of each ingredient's functions and workings. Customers are given a thorough understanding of their purchase thanks to this transparency which instills confidence in the company.

To further ease things on the pocket, buy the best skin care products in Pakistan from us! We are the best online shopping store in Pakistan as we select our price points to benefit your budget.

Is it Beginner friendly?

For individuals new to the skincare game, The Ordinary products seem like a decent choice due to the simple and minimal approach of the brand. The formulations consist of a limited selection of good quality, scientifically supported ingredients, carefully extracted to gain legit results. The brand is known for its transparency as it clearly states all the products used on the labels providing beginners with an in-depth understanding of the ingredients used and their respective percentages.

Nevertheless, you must acknowledge the diversity of individual skin types, recognizing that what works for one person may not necessarily give similar results for another. Starting with a small selection of products and gradually incorporating more as needed is advisable, instead of using many products at the same time. Additionally, paying close attention to your skin's responses and adjusting your skincare routine accordingly is important for noticeable results.

To Sum it up

With it being deemed as one of the most affordable skincare brands in the market, it’s fair to say that they’re setting a new benchmark for all brands that follow. During the COVID season when the entire world was copped inside, many found themselves obsessing over their skincare routines to not only distract themselves but to also feel healthy. It was then that The Ordinary suddenly blew up. With celebrities showcasing their skincare routines in videos such as those on Vogue, fans quickly picked up on the popularity of this brand and started adding bits from their range to their skincare routines. Now, The ordinary is selling almost across the entire globe and has expanded its collection beyond one's imagination to keep up with its brand image. From acne to hyperpigmentation, there is now a solution for everything!

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