What makes the ordinary different from other skincare brands

What makes the ordinary different from other skincare brands

The Deciem group, The Ordinary, is a well-known beauty brand in the industry for its honest, affordable, uncomplicated products. Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid retinol niacinamide and other essential ingredients are the focus of The Ordinary skincare products which are well-known for their quality affordability and inventive approach. It has become a noteworthy phenomenon thanks to its disruptive product strategy which has upended traditional beauty industry norms. 

Their name dropped like a bomb! 

Its approach to product naming and packaging is one unique feature that makes the Ordinary stand out. Ordinary uses straightforward scientific language that makes it obvious which ingredient is the main ingredient and at what concentration in contrast to many other beauty brands that choose catchy or confusing names.

For example, one of its best-selling products is a serum called Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% that treats pores and blemishes.

Many benefits come with The Ordinary's product naming and packaging strategy.

  • To begin with, it promotes openness and confidence since customers are aware of the exact ingredients in the products they buy and use on their skin.
  • Furthermore, it attracts knowledgeable and curious customers who are eager to learn about the intricacies of the ingredients and their advantages.
  • Thirdly it sets The Ordinary apart from rivals that charge substantially more for comparable ingredients.  

Their transparency is their USP 

The Ordinary's commitment to sincerity and transparency is another essential element of their product approach. The company aims to educate customers about the dangers of certain chemicals as well as the efficacy and scientific basis of its products. 

The brand's website displays comprehensive details about every product—including ingredients pH levels formulation usage guidelines and contraindications—prominently displayed. 

To help customers choose the best products for their skin type and concerns the website also provides a regimen guide. Numerous benefits result from The Ordinary's transparency and authenticity initiative. 

  • First off, because customers see the brand as honest and helpful it increases consumer trust and loyalty.
  • Second, it gives customers the confidence and knowledge to choose their skincare routine with knowledge.
  • Thirdly it creates a community of enthusiastic and involved customers who share their experiences and opinions with the brand and other customers. 

In conclusion, it exhibits The Ordinary's knowledge and inventiveness while establishing it as a respected authority and innovator in the beauty business.  

Innovation like never before 

The Ordinary's dedication to innovation and quality is a third core component of its product strategy. The line of products from this brand is designed to target particular skin types and concerns including dryness pigmentation ageing and sensitive skin. 

The Ordinary makes sure that its formulas satisfy strict quality standards by using premium-grade ingredients that are well-known for their safety and efficacy such as antioxidants retinoids and different acids. 

Benefits from The Ordinary's innovation and quality ethos are numerous.

  • The first benefit is that it makes customers happy by giving them products that match their preferences and skincare goals.
  • Second, by introducing innovative and captivating products that promise immediate and long-lasting results it draws in and keeps customers.
  • Thirdly it protects and nurtures customers by providing skin-friendly gentle products. 

Finally, it encourages and motivates customers to try out various skincare products and combos. 

The ordinary aims to remain: 

Dedicated to maintaining integrity and openness in skincare pricing and communication, The Ordinary is a constantly changing collection of treatments that utilizes well-known yet effective clinical technologies. 

The brand's ethos is based on a profound respect for integrity in its purest form. Rather than just introducing new technologies it also advocates for sincerity and authenticity. The Ordinary appears as an antidote to everyday items masquerading as clever fixes. Clinical formulations with integrity are its motto and it lives up to it. 

The Ordinary functions within an ecosystem of brands committed to advancing functional beauty as a member of the DECIEM family. Since NIOD led the way in revolutionary skincare innovation our team has experience in both materials' chemistry and biochemistry. 

In the functional beauty space integrity is still a rare commodity. Routine technologies frequently pass for innovative ones and opaque pricing schemes confuse customers by portraying everyday technologies as cutting edge. 

The Ordinary stands out as a shining example of integrity dedicated to open communication and providing affordable well-known technology. With an unwavering dedication to integrity, The Ordinary subtly honours the continuous innovation in the skincare space that NIOD has brought forth while simultaneously challenging the status quo. 

Nailing it since the launch! 

Since its launch in 2016 skincare enthusiasts have gathered a dedicated following for The Ordinary, its widely popular Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum is demonstrated by its rapid sales—at one point a bottle was sold every three seconds. The numbers speak for themselves, but this success raises the question: is it just hype or a clever business move? 

Ordinary's parent company Deciem generated an estimated $460 million in revenue in 2021 alone. These kinds of successes are the consequence of careful planning and execution rather than luck. Deciems importance and potential are further supported by LOreals 2021 decision to purchase a majority stake in the company. 

A few years ago, Deciems co-founder Brandon Truaxe noticed a big discrepancy between the cost of skincare ingredients and the final products' retail price. Sadly, Truaxe passed away in 2019. 

The Ordinary founder saw a chance to cut out middlemen by creating skincare products himself with the best ingredients and then selling them at retail without the high markups that many skincare brands have. 

With most of its product line priced under $10, The Ordinary offers more affordable options than many of the things found in drugstores.  

It’s insanely affordable! 

The concept of value for money isn't novel, but what some fail to grasp is the extent of financial hardship faced by consumers.

It's increasingly common to encounter individuals, such as single mothers, who never fully recovered from the previous recession and have since faced setbacks like job loss during the pandemic.

Even for those who remain employed, wages often fail to keep pace with the rising cost of living. For these individuals, who are growing in number, seeking value for money isn't merely a preference or a passing trend—it's a necessity driven by financial constraints and the struggle to make ends meet.

Brands that acknowledge this reality and cater to these consumers are experiencing stronger performance.